We have evolved to our present day status through good planning and upgrading of assets. We have strengthened greatly our financial positions over the past 30 years. We attempt to operate the clubhouse and golf course in a cost efficient manner, yet maintain these facilities, along with the common grounds, entryway, lakes, and major roads, in excellent condition. The intent has been, and always should be, to project an image of quality, beauty, and cleanliness, and at the same time always strive to live up to our environmental responsibilities.

The community offers a pleasant lifestyle at an affordable price. If we are to maintain our values, our residents must recognize the need for organization and reasonable rules and restrictions that must be promulgated for a community of this size. To do so you must understand the community structure and how it is governed.

There are two basic types of governing bodies in Cross Creek. One is known as the Community Association, the other the 18 individual condominium Associations. Each of these entities has its own governing documents. The Community Association, sometimes referred to as the Master Association, is responsible for operating and maintaining all the common elements defined in its documents, such as the golf course, clubhouse, lakes, major roads, etc.

As an owner of a unit in Cross Creek you automatically become a member of the Community Association and enjoy voting rights. As an owner or lessee within one of the 18 condominium associations, you are, after paying the appropriate administrative fee, granted membership privileges that allow you to use the clubhouse, golf course, and other recreational facilities owned by the Community Association.

The monthly maintenance fees for the Community Association are paid by each of the individual condominium Associations and you will find this included in the maintenance fee established for each Association. The Community Association maintenance fee includes the cost for sewer service supplied for each living unit within Cross Creek. In addition, reasonable user fees are established for use of the golf course and reasonable prices for food and beverage purchased at the Clubhouse.

If we are to maintain our objectives, protect the community lifestyle, and its assets, all our residents, owners or lessees, along with their guests, are required to abide by reasonable rules and regulations established by the Community Association as well as those described in the documents of each of the 18 condominium Associations. The Community Association regulations and restrictions apply to all who reside or visit in Cross Creek. Each of the 18 condominium Association rules and regulations are structured for their community.

Members should familiarize themselves with the governing documents for the Community Association, their own condominium Association and the Management Company that serves each particular condominium.

A Resident’s Handbook of Rules and Regulations and General Information is available, which summarizes the rules and regulations governing the Community Association properties. Please read it.

A newspaper, the Cross Creek Courier, is available for pick up at the clubhouse, or the Community Association office, at the first of each month. A telephone directory, listing all unit owners within Cross Creek, is obtainable at the Community Association’s office.

It is updated annually. A Cross Creek Web Site is operational for those who wish to log on. The address is: www.crosscreekfl.com.

The Community Association’s Board of Directors meets periodically and welcomes all who wish to attend these meetings. The Annual Meeting of Members is held in March.

Each local condominium Board of Directors also meets periodically. Members may attend these meetings as often as they desire. Minutes of the Community Association’s board meetings are distributed to the Presidents of the 18 local condominium Associations. Financial statements of the Community Association are sent to all owners upon request. Financial statements of the local condominium Association are also available to all owners.

Questions regarding the Community Association, the clubhouse, golf course, or common areas under the control of the Community Association can be addressed to staff members of the Community Association’s management team, to the Association’s office Administrator located at the pool area adjoining the clubhouse, or to one of the Community Association Directors.

Questions regarding issues within each individual condominium Association should be directed to your Management Company or one of your Association Directors.

Members desiring additional information should contact the Association Office at 768-1166.