Local Rules

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Cross Creek Country Club
Local Rules1/1/2014
USGA Rules will govern all play with the exception of the following Local Rules (33-8a).

Putt all balls out.

Play the ball as it lies unless the rules state otherwise.

Embedded ball:
Anywhere “through the green” a ball which is embedded in its own pitch-mark in the ground, may be lifted without penalty, cleaned and dropped as near as possible to the spot where it lay but no nearer the hole. “Through the green” is any area from tee to putting surface (except all bunkers and hazards).

Lateral Hazards:
All water hazards here at Cross Creek are Lateral Hazards, and marked with red stakes or red painted lines. If your ball lies in or touched the Hazard line the ball is considered to be in the Hazard. Cypress trees are on hole #8 is now considered a Lateral Hazard.

(1) You may play another ball from the original spot.(2) You may drop a ball within two club lengths from the last point of entry no nearer the hole.
(3) You may go to the opposite side of the hazard no nearer the hole.
(4) You may play the ball as it lies from the Hazard. (Do not ground your club or move anything in the Hazard and identify the ball before playing).
(5) You may also take a drop as far back as you like keeping the point of entry and the pin in a straight line.
(6) You may also use the drop area.

Drop Areas:
Drop areas may be used whenever a ball is hit into a Lateral Hazard. Ball may be placed.
Flower beds and new plantings:All flower beds are to be played as ground under repair, nearest point of relief no closer to the hole and one club length. This includes; The Hedge on the right side of the cart path on #18.Flower bed right of the green behind the bunker #16, all plantings on the left side of the fairway and #13 beyond the green.

Out of Bounds:
O.B. is defined by white stakes, white lines or street curbs (on #6, #7 & #12). If you hit the ball Out of Bounds you must take a one shot penalty and hit again from the original spot. You may re-tee the ball on the tee box. O.B. stakes and chains are to be played as immovable obstructions, if the ball is in bounds and the chain interferes with the players stance or swing relief may be taken (nearest point no closer to the hole & one club length).

Lost Ball:
Stroke and distance, ball must be replayed from original spot. Player may choose to play a provisional ball.

Cart Path Only Holes:
Lift clean and place the ball within six inches of the original spot no closer to the hole.

Doubt of Procedure:
During the round a player may announce that s/he is going to play a second ball in case there is doubt on a ruling or local rule situation. The player must score both balls and then get a ruling from the rules committee before signing the card.

John Jurkovac PGA
Revised 1/20/2014