The Cross Creek Players


The Cross Creek Players Club Officers:
Peter Brochhausen, President
Vice President
Jan Kottke, Treasurer
Charlotte Roberts, Secretary 

The Cross Creek Players is an organization that has commanded the Cross Creek stage for most of Cross Creek’s existence. Started in 1987, the first show was a “talent review” which showcased the multiple talents of Cross Creek neighbors and friends.  Through the years, the shows developed themes in which to bring music, dance, and comedy, through skits written by Cross Creek members.

For a good many years, membership was between 40- 60. There was a need for those to be on stage and also for backstage managers, make-up, costume designers, advertisers, and playbill developers to name a few. Shows normally ran four nights with total attendance greater than 400.  Dinner was served.

In the Clubhouse, The Players contributed to the purchase of the sound system, lighting, and stage curtain and design through the years.

Production of the Players 32nd show entitled “The Best of Everything or something like that” was cancelled five days before the show in 2020 because of COVID. Three shows were planned including a matinee.

Cross Creek Players membership is lower these days, so it is much more difficult to put on a full show. So the Players look to return to their roots as a “Cross Creek Talent” show. What we need is the talent. Our community is in a transitional time with many new neighbors and friends. There may be a number of individuals who may wish participate in such a show. As envisioned, the show would be for one night following dinner.

If interested please contact Trish Reiter at 270-331-6685

2019 – Senior Revolt
2018 –  Race Across America
2017  –  Fractured Fables
2016 – Showcase of Surprises
2015 – Conflict at the Cross Creek Corral
2014 – Circus Magic
2013 – Scandals
2012 – Remembering the Seventies
2011 – Celebrate 25 years
2010 – The Pretenders
2009 Vegas Comes to the Creek
2008 – Down Home
2007 – Sunshine & Lollipops
2006 – Class Reunion
2005 – Tele-Visions
2004 – Smorgasbord
2003 – Best Little Jailhouse
2002 – Moon and the Stars
2001 – Holidays on Parade
2000 – Slurp-Sip-Sit Saloon
1999 – Century of Memories
1998 – See the USA
1997 – Curtain Call Again
1996 – Celebration
1995 – You’ve Come a Long Way Baby
1994 – Vanities of 94
1993 – C.C. Loveboat
1992 – Sentimental Journey
1991 – Broadway Our Way
1990 – Minstrel
1989 – Christmas Show
1988 – Talent show
1988 – Spring Variety Show