Golf Rates



MEMBER BEFORE 2PM                      $35

MEMBERS AFTER 2PM                       $28

MEMBER PRIVATE CART                   $31


MEMBER GUEST AFTER 2PM             $35

PUBLIC BEFORE 2:PM                         $65

PUBLIC AFTER 2PM                             $50

GROUP 12 OR MORE BEFORE 2PM                           $49

GROUP 12 OR MORE AFTER 2PM                              $35

MEMBER 9 HOLE RATE AFTER 3PM                           $22

PUBLIC 9 HOLE RATE AFTER 3PM                              $26

12 HOLERS                                                                      $28

CCWGA 9                                                                         $22+$2

CCWGA18                                                                        $34

CCMGA9                                                                          $22 +$3

CCMGA18                                                                        $34 +$3

TUESDAY COUPLES MEMBER                                      $16

TUESDAY COUPLES PUBLIC                                         $19

LUNCH                                                                              $10


Tee Time Reservations Reminder:

Members, tenants, golf associates and public golfers are limited to one tee time per day with a maximum of three guest. Members, tenants, and golf associates have fourteen (14) days advance to book your tee times. Public will have seven (7) days advance to book any tee time that is available.

Any Golfer who does not appear at their scheduled tee time or who does not call to cancel their tee time at least 24 hours in advance will be charged the appropriate fee. Any golfer who refuses to pay will not be able to play until payment is made.

Reminder that in season we will pair all single and twosomes up so we can maximize the tee sheet daily. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

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