Reciprocal List


May 1st – October 31st, 2021.

It is time again for the very popular Reciprocal Program.  The Golf Courses listed on the back of this sheet have been assembled to provide you an array of challenging yet fun golf courses, plus varied fitness and dining opportunities.  Remember, when visiting a reciprocal club you must carry your membership card at all times.
The Reciprocal Program is a tremendous undertaking for every club’s staff.  Our main goal is to accommodate everyone’s requests.  Help us help you!  Please assist us in securing your reciprocal requests at the other clubs by following the following procedures:

Fill out the Reciprocal Request Sheet in the Golf Shop (No Phone Requests Please).
List the courses that you would like to play (The first one being the desired course).

  • Date and time of play.
  • List the Members and or guest playing that day.
  • Make sure to leave a call back phone number.
    Golf Staff Employees will call the Course or Courses chosen determined by the rules that the Reciprocal Clubs have sent us.  No exceptions.   A Member should never call a Reciprocal Golf Course directly unless they wish to pay the Public Rate.  Violations may lead to suspension of Reciprocal Privileges.
  • Please be flexible. During the very popular first three weeks in May and the last three weeks in October, please provide us with three different course options.  Please realize that in many cases there are more than 20 clubs competing to secure the same tee times we are requesting.  Also, requests for multiple times are more difficult to secure.
  • Familiarize yourself with dress code and other restrictions (ex: spike less facility, no denim, etc.) of the reciprocal Club. Cargo Shorts are not allowed at most clubs now.
  • Confirm your tee time requests.  Call the golf shop to confirm they received tee time reservations.  Please note many clubs restrict morning play for their members, so consider an alternate time or course.
  • Please remember to take care of the reciprocal club’s bag attendants, a buck or two goes a long way.  Remember that we are considered Guests whenever we are playing at another Golf Course.
  • 2021 Summer Reciprocals:  Please fill out a Reciprocal Request Form if you would like to play outside CCCC.  The Reciprocal list is usually 65 Clubs but due to the Virus it is down to 29.  Most of the Clubs on the 2021 list are blocking their T-Sheets From 7:00 am to 10:00 am (for their Members).  If you have a group of 8 or larger they might have times after 11:00 am.  This is the first run so we may have more Clubs that add in the upcoming days.

  • ClubMember $Guest $ ClosuresPayment 
    Babcock National$36.00$46.007N/AMC/Visa/Amx/Cash
    Copperleaf$43.00$55.002WednesdaysVisa / MC
    Coral Oaks GC$30.00$30.005N/ACash or Plastic
    Country Creek $25.00$35.003MondayCash or Plastic 
    Deep Creek$28.00$33.005N/AMC/Visa/Amx/Cash
    Del Tura$25.00$25.007N/AMC/Visa/Amx/Cash
    Eagle Ridge$26.00$26.004N/ACash or Plastic 
    Heritage Bay$45.00$45.002N/AMC/Visa/Amx
    Heritage Landing$36.00$46.007N/ACash or Plastic 
    Heritage Palms CC$48.07  $28-9H$53.072N/ACC only
    Legends$45.00$45.002ThursdaysMC / Visa 
    Magnolia Landing$35.00$35.003WednsdayMC / Visa 
    Old Corkscrew$70.00$70.005N/ACash or Plastic 
    Palmetto Pines CC$42.00$49.003N/ACash or Plastic 
    Pelican Preserve$38.00$38.007Mondays Cash or Plastic 
    Pelican Sound$48.00$52.002Mondays MC / Visa 
    Quail Run$30.00$35.007Tuesdays Cash or Plastic 
    Raptor Bay$69/49$69/494N/AMC/Visa/Amx/Cash
    River Hall$35.00$40.004MondaysMC/Visa/Amx/Cash
    Sanibel Island$65/40$65/407N/AMC / Visa
    Spanish Wells C C$55/35  $25-9H$55/353MondayMC / Visa
    Spring Run$45.80 / $27 9H$58.582WednsdayMC / Visa
    The Hideaway$41.00$49 G&L4MondaysCash or Plastic 
    Twin Isles$25.00$25.007N/AMC/Visa/Amx
    Vasari CC $49.00$57 G&L4ednsdayMC / Visa


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