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Greetings from the Tony Fava Bocce League Committee at Cross Creek Country Club. The Bocce committee has been busy since mid-November determining what teams are returning for the 2023 season and filling in where people have dropped out. Last season our numbers were down for various reasons. This year 26 new people were placed on teams. The committee also voted to reduce the Bocce fee this year from $10.00 per person to $5.00 per person for the coming year. The Bocce season will begin on January 9th starting with Monday play followed by Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday league play on successive days. League play will be for ten consecutive weeks. The eleventh week will be playoff week with the Championship determined on Saturday March 25th followed by our Banquet at the Clubhouse.

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2022 Bocce Champions consisting of Bruno Frabotta, Robert Murray, Eileen Murray and Kelly Turk representing Team 9 from the Monday Group.

As in the past please follow the Bocce news, schedules standings and more on are website Creek Clubs.

From the Bocce committee Happy Holidays and safe travels.

Click to View the 2023 Bocce Schedules
2023 Bocce Schedules

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Modified Bocce Rules 2023


   2023  Results Week 3  
Wednesday Division   Monday Division  
Record as of Jan. 25th  Record as of Jan. 23rd  
TEAMCaptain   W     L TEAMCaptain   W     L
4Mark Theune3  1Craig Hoff3 
6Richard Ehlke3  5Robert Burton21
9Dom DellaVolpe21 11Al Herman21
11Tom Horschak21 7Jan Klaus21
17Cheryl Casciano21 9Bruno Frabotta21
10Bob Williams21 10Chris Schultz21
15Doug Isbell21 6Bill Chandler21
1Don Kerwein12 4Dan Duey12
8Roger Kadash12 8Tom Gormley12
13Hilton Raily12 12Bob Fredenberg12
16Ed Fennick12 2Carolyn Hess  3
3Gary Pierson12 3Gerri Baglien 3
5Dave Waller12     
14Meg Williams12     
18Bruce Shaw12     
2Dan Anas12     
7Linda Sleeth12     
12Steve Burns12     
Tuesday Division   Thursday Division  
Record as of Jan. 24th  Record as of Jan. 26th  
TEAMCaptain   W     L TEAMCaptain   W     L
1Jeanne Franz3  6Char Hill3 
5Bryon Heape3  13Connie Shaw3 
8Dave Gibbons3  5Pat Scott21
11Rich Dunkailo3  18Gail Yuhnke21
18Kathy Fruh3  9Marty Mager21
13Lesa Foss21 15John Shulack21
15Nancy Ash21 17Jackie Reinsma21
9Fran Joyce21 1Mark Davidson12
14Mary Ward12 8Pam Conti12
17Frank Maranto12 11Clay Lance12
6John Yablonski12 2Duane King12
2Lori Haas12 3Anthony SpazIano12
3Dan Sarna12 4Ron Auerback12
16Andrea Desautels12 10Shirley Wilison12
4Bruce Hamell 3 7Otto Miedema12
7Barb Celedonia 3 12Jack Turner12
10John Castaldo 3 14Mary Ellen Thatcher12
12Eric Lamb 3 16Al Condon12


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