Peter Brochhausen & Susan Crissman

Bill & Deborah Chandler
Vice President

In the fall of this year the new Director of Golf Operations introduced a very successful 9-hole Tuesday evening Couples golf program. Couples are able to meet new friends and following a fun round of golf spend time in the clubhouse enjoying food and drink with each other.
For the past twenty-six years there has been a Cross Creek sponsored 18-hole Couples Golf League on Sunday mornings with Bylaws that state the purpose of the league, “is to promote the game of golf and to encourage social and related golf activities.”
In the early days, The Couples league had great success. Tee times ran into the afternoon even with an 8:00 AM start time. The Couple’s league was involved in presenting and sponsoring successful Sweet Heart dances in the Club House. At one time couples had over 113 couples and some singles. Last year there were 24 paid members.
In the last couple of years, flexible tee times were introduced, prize money came from the treasury, awarding points by just showing up for play.  
As of this writing what to do with the 2022 season is still undecided. The Director of Golf Operations is contemplating some changes for Sunday golf, not yet finalized, although you may have already received new information before today. Because of COVID, officers of the league have remained in their position for more than their two-year terms and look forward to welcoming new members to work out whatever the league will become.

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